Who We Are

The Scott & Miller Group is an award-winning marketing and business communications agency specializing in B2B. We’ve been doing it for over 50 years and are constantly evolving our processes, tools, and capabilities. SMG (that’s our rapper name) offers big agency fussiness with small agency attitude. Our standards for sound strategy, clever ideas, compelling content, fabulous design, and client-minded service are HIGH!!! (And you know we must be serious by the all caps and number of slammers at the end of that sentence.)

Of course, most agencies will say those same things, with varying degrees of truth behind it all. One of our clients said it best: ”I don’t look at SMG as a vendor or even a partner. You guys are like a member of our team.” Wow! Who cares about “agency of record?!”

What We Do

From big idea campaigns to rubber-meets-the-road business communications to shining your shoes if that’s what it takes, there is no task too large or too small. We get appropriately intimate with our clients’ businesses and then create outstanding work that helps build brands and move needles. You be the judge. Check out our work. (But if you don’t have anything nice to say…well, actually we want hear those comments most of all.)

Why We’re Different

There is no one thing. Taken independently, our differentiators are no more unique than most agencies. It’s the combination of experience, creativity, and service that sets us apart.

Favorite Philosophies

  • Develop voices in your head and listen to them. They are what powers critical thinking.
  • Better over than under – whether it’s thinking, doing, or achieving.
  • Embrace paranoia; it’s the key to avoiding complacency.
  • People do business with people they like. So smile more.
  • As the garbled message from the flight attendant goes…“We know you have choices when it comes to air travel. Thank you for flying with us.”


To create the best work, we strive to be viewed as partners with our clients (or better yet, as members of the team). Here are some of our present and former teammates: